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World War 2 Games

Skies of War Extended

You manage a powerful gunship, armed with all sorts of (period-specific) weaponry from guns, to bombs, to propaganda leaflets, and you must launch on a series of missions in order to expand your territory, cut off enemy supply lines, gain the support of people, and a whole host of other objectives in order to ultimately defeat the opposing forces. It sounds like a whole lot of work for a single plane and its’ crew, but you have your work cut out for you in this amazing top down flight sim action game. Skies of War Extended sets you up against a wide range of enemy units from planes to tanks to war trains. And it is up to you to survive and win the day.

Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea is labeled primarily as a naval warfare simulation game. For the general gaming crowd, that is not a problem, but for the more serious gamers out there expecting a real simulation type game (like how some driving and flying simulations are a lot more “realistic”) then there is a bit of disappointment to be had as the game’s a lot more arcade-like in it’s gameplay approach. All that said, Victory at Sea shows us how much a small developer can do with the right tools. Created mostly in Unity 3D, Victory at Sea is a good step forward in showing that indie devs can create big games.