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Wingmen Is All About Economy and Aliens

Showing You The Money

The game’s introductory sequence is pretty telling -with nothing less than the head honcho himself telling you that the most important thing to do in the game is to earn. And the only way to do is to blow up the aliens and then immediately picking up whatever bits of cash are left floating in the skies. Fail to do so and you will not have sufficient funds to raise more troops, and if that happens, the enemy will start bearing down on you with numbers.

Catching up with your fighters’ push is a bit effortsome if you lag behind in the cycle of destroy-collect-build, but it is still doable. It just gets longer and harder as you progress through the stages. That said, this game is pretty tiring to play, and pretty repetitive. Especially since instead of being able to appreciate the combat unfolding around you, you have to focus on the grabbing the cash icons before they fade away -and then quickly click on the unit build icon once the cooldowns are cleared up.

Requires a Bit of Hardware

One of the biggest downsides of this game is the fact that you will have to be playing on a pretty decent rig in order to play it well. Despite the game’s simple graphics and mildy forgettable music, it does need a bit of RAM to function well -though when you reach the later stages and entire swarms of enemy fighters fill up the screen, it does make a bit of sense that the game starts suffering from a few performance issues. On a good desktop computer however, you probably will not have any problems as long as you don’t have anything resource-consuming running in the background.

Wingmen for Hire

The title is certainly plenty misleading -with the game not focusing at all on anything about flight squads and more on simply chunking out new groups of planes as fast as possible. Still, we appreciate the idea and message behind this. Winning a stage is costly -in terms of both cash and actually manpower. While you do not directly see the pilots on those jets, you know plenty of humans had to die to win a single battle against the aliens (of course, the tally of alien deaths is pretty staggering too). Maybe the developers are trying to be tongue in cheek about a message here, or maybe we are just reading a little too much between the lines, either way, we appreciate the way this game makes you think about the cost of winning wars.


Wingmen is a good solid game in terms of gameplay mechanics, visuals, and overall delivery. Just do not expect to find something deep and profound. The game has a very good sense of self-awareness that is quite evident in the way it presents itself. The humor is a little one-track in terms of basis, but it will still bring a smile to your face when you read it. While the busy gameplay structure may seem a little too repetitive, Wingmen does manage to provide a bit of amusement with the way the automated battles unfold (and the occasional use of extra powers do add some spice).