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The Top 10 World War Games You Can Play on the Mobile

The mobile gaming platform has allowed gamers to take the experience on the go. But portability does not necessarily mean great things. Smaller size and weight means slightly reduced hardware capabilities (though smart phone technology is undoubtedly advancing quite fast). So the question is, what games still provide a real gaming experience despite being on a mobile phone –and more specifically, for all of you World War-era gaming buffs out there, which ones fit in with the theme? Well here is our list of our favorite World War games for mobile.

Little Commander World War 2 TD

This game takes a spot on our list for being so simple yet addictive to play. Enemy units will literally storm the stage in massive waves and it is up to you to set up a proper base defense to ensure that not a single one of them passes you by. The animations are cute and delightful to watch -like how the little infantry men bob up and down when firing large anti-vehicle weaponry. The graphics remind us a lot of Cannon Fodder -except Little Commander’s visuals is larger and more defined. Challenge-wise, old school tower defense fans will find the game’s mechanics to be quite intuitive, those who are new to the genre will be eased in with the game’s initial stages. Do note that the ad banner is oppressively covering a large amount of the upper screen, which is a shame since it that was a recent change from an update.

Sid Meiers Ace Patrol

Fans of Sid Meierwill appreciate Ace Patrol slightly faster paced approach (and by faster, we meant relatively, since we are comparing this to Civilization more than anything else). Ace Patrol does away with the long economy system and brings players straight into combat mode. Pre-battle prep menus allow you to set up your squadron, designate pilots to planes, upgrade stuff, etc. If you enjoy a bit of history, there’s also plenty of information to read provided by the game. The real fun begins when you step into the missions and command your planes across a large hex grid and shoot down enemy craft one after another. The turn based approach manages to work well even for dogfights -which are amazing to watch when the game zooms in on the wonderful cel shaded visuals. Of course, the nicest things to see in this game is when your squadron successfully tears apart enemy planes with bullets.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

It is not surprising that Sky Gambler’s latest offering, Storm Raiders, made it on our list. Aside from being one of the best real time dogfighting games we have ever tried on the mobile device, the game also has amazing graphics. The controls are tight and responsive, improving heavily on the developer’s previous works. There is plenty of emphasis on gun based kills (though other weapons are available), and maneuvering skills take center stage as you battle enemies from both the sky and the ground. The wonderful environmental effects are nothing short of immersive, making you truly feel as if you were flying in the pacific theater of operations. We particularly like the way the screen gets bullet holes if your plane is hit by an enemy craft. While the effects can be a little distracting, it actually adds to the overall difficulty and immersive factor of the game.

Great Little War Game

This turn base Blues versus Reds strategy game is an obvious nod to the World Wars -though it gets away from specifics and focuses on the important factor: combat. The enemy AI will continuously train and build units to send after your base. And it is up to you to manage resources, build defenses, and at the same time, fulfill various map objectives in order to win. The game has incredibly neat graphics, but nothing too notably unique. Still the slightly generic feel does have that war-room sense of aesthetics, so some of you may appreciate that. The game is further extended by the addition of 10 more levels via IAP, so those who enjoy this game can have something more to look forward to after finishing the campaign.

It is not easy to get a third person action shooter right on the mobile, and yet the devs behind Frontline Commando have managed to show that not only can they do it, they can repeat it and improve even further. D-Day is a World War themed sequel to the more modern-day styled Frontline Commando game. As one would expect, this one will have you running across trenches, the trying to survive the beach landing, and eventually managing to trek all the way to various campaigns. The graphics look great though somewhat repetitive. The gameplay itself is fun, the shooting system is intuitive and enemy AI gives a decent amount of challenge. The game itself is free, though we do suggest cashing in a bit at the start to avail yourselves of a few good passive upgrades or acquire some of the better weapons.

Trenches 2

The original Trenches game was a good-concept, low-execution title that still managed to acquire a huge fan following and was ultimately, a success. This was thanks mainly to the ever-addictive side-scrolling send-all-units-to-the-right gameplay, but also due to the fact that since it was released, it has been constantly updated to add in new content and fix issues. Trenches 2 puts together all the best things about the original game and takes everything a step even further. New maps, abilities, factions, units, features, and challenges await those who have played the original and think they know what to expect. Newcomers to the title need not worry, the game will ease you in and there is not much point going back to the older version now that a much better sequel is available.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Since Storm Raiders already made it, it is not all that surprising that Rise of Glory should also take a spot on our list. This game is pure, old school, dogfighting, and on the mobile too. Sure, it takes a while to get used to the game’s controls, but once you get the hang of the game, you will be strafing shots at enemy cockpits in no time at all. We love the way the planes are so well detailed and the damage you receive in battle is somehow reflected in the visuals. Missions are well structured in the single player campaign mode and encourages players to try out different planes; this is one of the few games where we did not feel forced to play a stage in a “bad plane”. Each craft is well designed and handles uniquely. While some are not as fast and as agile as the others, the experience of trying them all out is well worth it.

1941 Frozen Front

This turn based strategy game harkens back the feel of good old turn-based PC titles; which is a great thing since these kinds of games actually work well for a mobile. 1941 Frozen Front details the battles between the German and Soviet armies. Players must entrench units, establish defenses, and secure supply routes in order to ensure the safety and productivity of their base. At the same time, tanks, planes, and various other machines of war must be produced and deployed in order to defeat enemy targets.

Making use of a hex-grid turn based system, Frozen Front’s user interface is easy to learn and get used to. Those with plenty of gaming experience on the PC will find the learning curve to be pretty reasonable, while those new to the genre will be delighted to see that strategy gaming can be both fun and accessible.

Aces of the Luftwaffe

This shoot-em-up style arcade game puts players in the shoes of a pilot who must fight off the German forces from invading Britain -after they have successfully wiped out most of the other squadrons leaving only left behind. While the premise may seem silly, the gameplay challenge that Aces presents is absolutely serious for the average gamer. Those who have already earned their stripes on other shoot-em-ups (particularly the ones that can be categorized as bullet hell) would find Luftwaffe’s stages verily manageable.

Regardless of your skill level however, this is a fun game to pick up and play. The controls are tight and responsive, making it quite easy to circle around enemies and evade fire. The graphics are easy to look at though if you were expecting some epic sprite animation, you will be disappointed.

Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies

Wrapping up this awesome list of games is Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies. While this game is technically a sequel to the original Ace Patrol, many gamers consider it as an alternative (though if you want to appreciate the full narrative, you will want to play both games). This is due to the fact that Pacific Skies’ single purchase model provides players with a more comprehensive gaming experience than the first game.

Pacific Skies sends players to the front of the Japanese-American war and lets you take control of an all new squad of pilots. The hex based grid is based as is the turn based battle system. We love the way Pacific Skies’ new ace maneuvers allows pilots to quickly find ways to evade enemy attack and move into more advantageous positions.

For the most part, the two games are quite similar. This means that the beautifully rendered cel shaded textures are back, detailing the various planes as they take to the sky. Though there will not be much time for sightseeing. The game’s many missions will have you busy planning how to efficiently bring down enemy squads and take as little damage as possible while your mission prep would require you to focus on developing both your pilots and the planes they are assigned to.