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Old school gamers will appreciate the approach of the developers with the gameplay of Dog Fight 2. This 2D action shooter game allows you to pilot a plane back and forth across a wide open stage and lay waste upon all enemy units. Armed with powerful front mounted machine guns and the occasional payload of bombs, you must dive, lift, and blast your away across several surprisingly challenging stages. The enemy AI for hostile planes, especially enemy aces, is upgraded as well, so expect to see some real action when you give this exciting jet game a try.


The aliens are attacking and it is up to you (and your company of hired mercenary pilots) to bring them all crashing down, or blow them sky high. All that matters is you keep earning loads of cash constantly. Wingmen is a straightforward, battle-of-attrition style, 2D action game that will have you constantly probing the skies for money icons. Yes, humanity is in danger and there are plenty of lives on the line, but that bottom line also leads straight to nothing else other than the raw need for capitalist gain. Sure, there’s a bit of socio-political satire here, but thankfully, the game is ultimately fun and addictive, and that makes Wingmen a must-try for us.

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